Flavorite Supreme Ice Cream
Rich, creamy ice cream made right here in Trinidad and Tobago with that unforgettable taste that you have grown to love throughout the years.

Supreme Speciality Items
Freezies – Fruit based iced treat
Milkies – Milk based iced treat
Split – Vanilla ice cream bar with fruit ice coating
Hola Kola – Fruit based iced lolly
Island Naturals Fruit bars – Traditional fruit flavoured ice and milk lolly
Likka Stik – Milk based iced lolly
Dark N Gold – Vanilla ice cream bar with Chocoalte coating
Dark n Crunchy - Chocolate Bar covered with Chocolate coating and peanuts
Double Choc - Chocolate ice cream covered in chocolate
Peppy lolly – Frozen ice lolly

Favorite Supreme Novelties
Cassatta – Tri-Layered ice cream dessert (Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate) with mid-layers of fruit and nut
Ice Cream Sandwich – rich, creamy ice cream sandwiched between two wafers
Screwball – Sherbert Surprise with bubble gum ending
Nutty Royale - Vanilla ice cream Cone covered with chocolate fudge and nuts in a waffle cone

Flavorite Yogurt
Flavorite Supreme – Stirred Yogurt
Yogurt bars – Yogurt on a stick

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